Like in Windows Phone, Storage Sense for Windows 9 is a feature to manage the storage (USB drive, SD card, etc.) inside the operating system through the PC settings. The screenshots also show a basic set of options, but of course this still a work in progress, at the present time we can see two sections “Storage Overview” that shows what data is filling up your storage devices. And, perhaps the most important section, the “Default save locations”, this is a new area that allows very easily to set an external drive as the default location to save your music, pictures, and videos.

Storage sense, as I previously detailed, is a great addition to Windows 9, we’re starting to see more-and-more low-cost laptops and tablets, but they come with limited internal storage, and this new feature can very well help to store data locally for those users who still skeptical about cloud storage.

Keep in mind that is not all said, the Windows Technical Preview build 9834 is the first of many builds Microsoft will compile. I’m still hopeful that the company will also include a functionality that will allow to install Windows Store apps in removal storage, like in Windows Phone 8.1. Also it’s unclear, but highly likely Storage Sense will be a replacement for Disk space currently in Windows 8.1 SEE ALSO: Windows Technical Preview first screenshots leaked ahead of release All these new clues we are seeing come from a version 9834.0.140908-0936.FBL_PARTNER_EEAP and there still no ISO image leaks for Windows 9. So we’ll have to wait until September 30th, which is when a public release will be available. Source All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.