Apparently, Windows Live Essentials 2011 is not available for Windows XP. In the Inside Windows Live blog, Vice President, Windows Live engineering, Chris Jones said: “[…]If your computer is still running Windows XP, you can, of course, continue to use the current Windows Live Essentials software, and then switch to Windows Live Essentials 2011 when you buy a new PC or upgrade to Windows 7.” This new version of Windows Live Essentials 2011, has been built from the ground up with Windows 7 in mind to take full advantage of it. All applications now use the new ribbon User Interface and they integrate better with Microsoft Windows 7 with the use of Jump Lists. Windows Live Mesh comes included in this new version, which allows you to keep files and folders synchronized between computers and connect to your PC from virtually anywhere. One of the big things is that Windows Live Writer 2011 now by default uses to help improve your blogging experience. You can also opt for other services such as, Blogger, TypePad, among others. To know more about the partnership between Microsoft and WordPress read Microsoft is upgrading Windows Live Spaces to article. What is interesting is that Microsoft is pushing Windows Live Essentials to be pre-installed on new PCs. Today they are announcing that Dell is their first global manufacture and other PC manufactures are coming to join soon. If you would like to download and try the new version of Windows Live Essentials 2011, follow this link! Essentials 2011 is being released in 48 languages over the next hours, so if you don’t find your language keep checking for updates. Also make sure that before installing this program in Windows Vista or Windows 7, make sure that you have the latest Microsoft Windows Updates. Useful links

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