For more pictures check out Windows Phone Newsroom: Image Gallery Also, Steve Ballmer said that Windows Phone 7 will include 9 models, available in more than 60 mobile operators in over 30 countries. Windows Phone 7 will be available in a variety of form factors from different manufactures. The one thing that all WP7 will have in common is the high-perfomance Snapdragon™ CPU from Qualcomm. For more details about WP7 hardware watch the video Microsoft Shows Off Rich Variety of Windows Phone 7 Devices. One interesting feature that will not be available on WP7 at launch is cut/paste, because Microsoft said that they were focusing in other key features. But because of all the feedbacks and requests, Microsoft has plans to include – cut/paste – with future software update in early 2011. WP7 come with great features, like the new live titles interface with real-time updates, cloud sync, remote wipe, Microsoft office mobile, Zune, Windows Live, XBOX live integration, voice command — service provider from the cloud–, Bing, and more. One feature that stands out is the quick camera feature that will not let you miss another great moment; you will be able to get the phone from your pocket, press the camera button,and take a picture really fast. Oh! And the most important of all feature…. Great device to make phone calls! AT&T will also make U-verse available for Windows Phone 7. We all know that Microsoft is way behind of its competition, but Microsoft has woken up and as a result, now we have a new phone operating system with unique features and different from their competitors, making Windows Phone 7, a phone that people will talk about. Developer Resources: If you are a beginner, or already a developer, here is a list of useful links of places to start learning and creating powerful apps for WP7.

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  Update 10/16/2010 – New HTC Surround Video

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