Although this is the first official release, the app packs a lot of features to improve your command line workflow and a wide range of customization settings. For example, Windows Terminal allows you to have multiple instances of the same app or different apps inside of tabs or panes. And you can create different profiles for every command line experience with unique customizations. The app provides a lot of customizations settings, including the ability to use custom themes. You can use acrylic backgrounds and background images with unique color schemes and custom fonts. And there’s support for custom key bindings. In addition, the new command line experience uses GPU accelerated rendering for text that offers a faster experience when using an app, and thanks to this capability, it’s possible to use emojis as well. Finally, Microsoft also says that starting in July 2020, the Windows Terminal will begin receiving monthly updates to continue improving the experience. Alongside the official release, the company is also launching the a preview channel, which anyone can use to receive the latest features as soon as they’re ready for testing. The Windows Terminal is available through the Microsoft Store and GitHub.

Windows Terminal | Download at Microsoft Windows Terminal | Download at GitHub

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