According to the company, the terminal is getting support for full hyperlinks, BEL character, emojis for profile icons, and tab switcher ordering. In addition, you now have the ability to set the desktop wallpaper as the background for the Windows Terminal. You can now decide the launch mode of the app, disable animations when creating or closing panes, and there are some new command palette improvements.

Windows Terminal 1.5

Here are all the new features and improvements for version 1.5 of the Windows Terminal app:

Tab switcher order

In this new version of the Windows Terminal, there are two new settings, including the “mru” and “inOrder” to enable the tab switcher with the tabs listed either in most recently used order or in order of their layout in the terminal.

Desktop background image

In the “backgroundImage” setting, you can now use the “desktopWallpaper” to set your desktop wallpaper as your terminal background.

Launch modes

Windows Terminal 1.5 also includes a new “launchMode” setting to specify whether the terminal should start in focused or maximized focus mode.

Animation control

If you’re not interested in seeing animations when you create or close pane, you can use the the “disableAnimations” global setting.

Starting with version 1.5, the terminal can detect and make links clickable using the Ctrl + Click combo.

Emoji for profile icon

You can now use emojis as your profile icon for any of the consoles. You only need to set the “icon” to an emoji.

Audible bell

It’s now possible to enable or disable the bell character with the “bellStyle” profile setting.

Actions improvements

As part of new actions, you can now specify the “openTabRenamer” option to enable the ability to click and rename a tab. In addition, the “togglePaneZoom” setting is new, and it allows you to expand a pane to fit the entire contents of the terminal window.

Commands palette improvements

When you install version 1.5, you’ll also find several improvements for commands. For example, the > prefix has been switched to action mode inside the command palette. And you can use a backspace to remove the character and jump to the command line mode to run command arguments. If you’re in a nested menu, you can now navigate back to the root menu without having to exit the command palette. Also, when searching for a command in the command palette, the matching text will be highlighted in the result to make it visually easier to find the command. Windows Terminal 1.5 is now available as preview with the new features mentioned above and several bug fixes, and you can download it from the Microsoft Store or GitHub. If you’re in the stable release of the terminal, the version is now 1.4 available with all the changes previously unveiled in the preview release of this version. All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.