As you know, Threshold is the next big thing for Windows, and no just for PCs but for phones and tablets (big and small) too. We also know some bits already, such as the Start menu will make a comeback on PCs with keyboard and mouse, putting to rest the Start screen. And on tablets and touch-enabled devices users will still get the Start screen by default, while small devices will be limited to the Metro environment only — no more desktop. Now a new report from Neowin claims even more changes are coming. Though, the report warns that Windows Threshold, which may or may not be called Windows 9, still in alpha and Microsoft many change or remove features as the move closer to the public release. According to the new report the next version of Windows will have a new refined user interface. Up to Windows 8 the desktop looks pretty much the same as it did with Windows 7. Perhaps the only major difference is the Start button. In Windows Threshold it’s different story, the UI will get an update to look more modern and flat. The Taskbar will get more functional. According to Neowin sources, the icons in the taksbar will now be interactive as if they were “mini Live Tiles”. At this point there no additional information to what features the new improved taksbar will have, but it’s said that Microsoft is testing with a new “glance-and-go” functionality to further interact with minimized applications. We also know that with Windows 9, modern apps will float inside the desktop like traditional applications do today. But the new information suggests that modern apps will look that they belong in the desktop, they will have flat design without a title bar. However it seems that the black bar with reveal itself when hovering close to the top, which will unveil the close and minimize options like you see today in Windows 8.1 Update. It also appears that desktop gadgets are coming back as sources claim seeing widgets back on the desktop. Finally, Microsoft seems to be testing a new interactive desktop background that will put static images to shame. Cortana is arriving to Windows too. Apparently the digital assistant is already part of Threshold and can be accessed from the taskbar. But of course the access location is subject to change as users also needs access from the modern UI. Although, there in no official word from Microsoft on these changes, they make sense as each feature and change fits the new Microsoft direction “productivity and platform company for the mobile-first and cloud-first world”. Windows 9 is scheduled to release sometime in 2015, but the company will be making available a preview before the end of 2014. Source Neowin All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.