Wunderlist is a 6Wunderkinder cloud-based to-do list product and over the years has gained good popularity, because its easy to use, elegant user-interface, and most importantly for its cross-platform capabilities (Windows PC, Mac, iPhone and Android), and now the company is releasing the version 2 of the applications as service. Wunderlist was previously built on Titanium, a solution that allowed to create one version of an application and then run in all platforms. Now,  because of limitations, the company decided to start-from-scratch creating a native application for each supported platform, ditching Titanium. The result is a new product with a familiar look and feel to its predecessor with more functionality — better syncing and more reliable.

New Improvements

If you used this application before, you’ll notice that version 2.0 looks the same but it’s more polished, responsive, less clutter and a lot simpler to keep track of all your tasks than version 1. For starters items aren’t white anymore, they are in gray-scale, which is better in the eyes — something this simple, makes a difference –. The sidebar now is located to the left in the desktop app and in a mobile device you can access it by swiping to the left. Most of the options and various other elements are now hidden from the end-user — Started, Today and Week sections are now Smart Lists, which are just another way to sort to-dos and you can also control them from the Settings page. The typical way you created tasks, lists and the way you organized your tasks in the past hasn’t changed at all, but each task now has more functionality than before. For instance, in the new version you can get desktop notifications, set recurring tasks, and you can add subtasks — if you are the kind of person that needs to breakdown the work –. Email reminders is also a welcome feature to be on top of every task. Adding notes to each item is also easy, as sharing tasks with other people via the service. It is worth noting that you can detach each task note and leave it in the desktop like sticky notes in Windows. If you liked the backgrounds in the previous version, now there are 16 of them with colors that are easy on the eyes. But, you cannot add your own wallpapers.

The bad

There are sections of Wunderlist 2 where in my opinion there is room for improvement. For example, the first time you sign-in, it could take sometime to sync all the content. Although, it is more responsive, in the Windows version of the GTD application I have experienced a very noticeable lag and CPU spike when scrolling lists with more than 20 items and when you click a list. Also there is not jump lists to do other different tasks. Even though desktop notifications are a BIG plus, you can not click it to open the task in the app, and if you get a notification via email the link will open the task in a web browser instead of in the app itself. Additionally you cannot filter items by date, but all the default filtering options are quite enough for the average user.

Wrapping up

Overall Wunderlist 2 is pretty solid, syncing is faster, it is reliable, it has a very responsive design and you can make sure that all your tasks will follow you, because of its cross-platform support. I’ve been using the task manager for a long time and when somebody asks me about a GTD workflow application, I recommend it because it does a better job organizing my everyday and work related tasks than other applications that I’ve tried in the past. Source Wunderlist All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.