In features you cannot expect a lot of them, the user interface is minimal enough and focus on what’s important, your tasks. All the basics are covered and more.

Wunderlist features

Easy to use. Multi platform support. Add tasks. Create lists. Select the tasks due date. Search instantly any task in any list. Prioritize of task in the list with a red star, which automatically will bring the task to the top of the list. Sort by drag and drop. If work better with the keyboard, you have shortcuts. Change your background wallpapers. One of the great features is the synchronization, all your tasks can be stored in your Wunderlist account, so you can install Wunderlist in more that one computer and have your tasks synchronize. If you are not connect online, don’t worry, this application will work Ok, next time you are connected to the internet and start the application, it will sync with your account. And the bottom taskbar makes it easy to get access to most of the options.

Wunderlist is available for Windows and Mac, and soon will be available in mobile devices.

Download Wunderlist

Jan, 7, 2011 Update

Also Wunderlist version 1.1.1 is out with new features:

Now you can share your task lists with friends and co-workers by adding their email address and sending an invite. If just having a list is not enough, now you can add more content with notes. Share via Cloud App. Send by email. If you have a list and you want to share it with somebody that is not using Wunderlist, just send the list via email. And last new feature is the ability to print your lists.

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