There are many task management tools out there, but not too many that are free and meet basic criterias like, for example, being cross-platform, from the desktop computer to the smartphones, and from Windows to Mac that way you are not limited in which way you can access your tasks.Plus it has desktop client software, as well as a web app. This is when you can narrow your search to Wunderlist, a program that is FREE and is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iPad and iPhone. It has tasks sync capabilities across all clients and most importantly it is easy to use. This version of Wunderlist brings many improvements and changes, for starters it is snappier that the previous versions and the user interface has been polished.


Notes can be detached, making it much easier and clean to add notes. For those that like to be productive and they live using keyboard shortcuts, Wunderlist now has support for many keyboard shortcuts and smart date recognition. This basically mean that you can just write: today I am doing this or on May 21st I am doing that, for example, and the software will recognize the date and set the schedule for you. Navigate between lists using the arrow keys (even while typing a task!) Users can choose the sidebar position — left or right– or like before you can hide the sidebar all the way. You still have all the good old features

While this may not be a program for everyone, the new version of Wunderlist is great task management tool that gets the job done managing all your tasks in a sleek design and across platforms (e.g., Windows, Mac, etc); you can access all your tasks locally on your computer or from anywhere with the browser version of this software — which is a totally free —. The installation is simple as any other program, and when you launch Wunderlist for the first time a list with key tutorials to get you started will be displayed. As a personal note, it is easy to schedule a task, but I think it would be better if we have the option to schedule a task with sound alert reminder. And the share list button with friends, next to the list title, in my opinion, should be relocated as users can mistakenly click on it.  Wunderlist is available now for Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iPad and iPhone.

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