Xbox All Access offers two different subscriptions. If you opt for the $21.99 per month option, the company will give you an Xbox One S 1TB console, Xbox Live Gold membership and access to over 100 games available with the Xbox Game Pass. If you opt for the $34.99 per month option, you’ll get an Xbox One X 1TB console, as well as the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold subscription. This is a limited offer which ends on December 31, it’s available only for “qualified” customers in the United States, and you have to commit to a two-year contract after credit approval. Also, you can’t get this offer online, you need to show up at the physical store near you to find out if you qualify. Of course, after the two-year contract is up, the services will stop (unless you keep paying), and you get to keep the console. If you want to jump into the Xbox All Access program, both options will translate in significant savings compared to purchasing the console outright and paying full price for the services. Also, these new financing options eliminate the upfront cost making the process of becoming an Xbox gamers more affordable.

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