According to the official changes, the Xbox October update brings the ability to disable the console’s startup sounds. You can now control the television’s volume from your Xbox. Microsoft has improved the initial setup wizard, and there’s even a firmware update for the Xbox control.

Xbox October update new features

The Xbox menu will include a new “TV volume” option to control the speaker’s volume through HDMI from the “Audio and Music” section. Perhaps one of the most interesting changes with the October update is the option to disable the sound that the console plays as it’s booting up. You can disable the console’s startup sound from Settings > General > Volume and Audio output > Additional options, and under the “Power and Startup” section, turn off the “Mute startup sounds” option. Other changes include new names for the power modes. For example, “Standby” has changed to “Sleep,” and “Energy saver” has been renamed to “Shutdown (energy saving).”  You can choose the power options on Settings > General > Power options. The passkey and guest keys are an added security layer tied to your profile on Xbox. You can use your PIN with any Xbox console you sign in to and limit access to purchases and parental controls. The feature isn’t changing, but the company updated the names to “Xbox PIN” and “Xbox guest PIN.” The Xbox controller also has an update that fixes bugs when using the USB flight sticks with the adaptive controller. Also, the company says it will now be easier to set your home Xbox when setting the console. Finally, the Xbox app for Android and iOS has been updated with features to trim and edit clips. The Xbox October 2022 update is rolling out now to every console worldwide. However, if you can’t wait until it’s available to you automatically, you can force the update on Settings > System > Updates > Update console and tap the Start update button. All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.