Microsoft’s digital assistant will now appear on your Xbox One dashboard, and you’ll be able to access the assistant either by voice command using the Kinect sensor or a headset. This also means that you will no longer use the “Xbox” voice command, instead, you’ll be using the voice command “Hey Cortana” to interact with the console. Initially, the new voice integration will be available in the United States, UK, Germany, Italy, and Spain. Keep in mind that Cortana on Xbox One still under development, which means that it doesn’t include all the features you are able to use on Windows 10 or on Windows 10 Mobile. On the first preview of Cortana, you’ll be able to do things like, see that your friends are playing, start parties, find games, turn on the console, and other basic tasks. The assistant is even able to recognize your friends gamertags or real names. Microsoft says that will improve the digital assistant over time. In addition to Cortana, Xbox One owners enrolled in the preview program will also see a number of other features and changes, including a new updated Game Collection interface that switches from a horizontal to a vertical scrolling orientation to find your games.

Social media is getting updated to make it easier to find Facebook friends to add to your friends list, and now it’ll be simpler to share content on Twitter. Additionally, Xbox One is even improving how you share screenshots, GabeDVR clips, and achievements — everything is just done with fewer steps. Aligning with previous information, Microsoft is also unifying the Xbox Store and Windows Store. While the unified store isn’t complete integrated, there are already new changes, such as the ability to filter games that are on sale, access to season passes and bundles, and other game add-ons and DLC.

Microsoft is also bringing Xbox and PC gaming closer together. With the Anniversary Update, PC games (whether you purchased them on Steam or elsewhere) will now have their own Game Hubs on Xbox Live. This means that Xbox Live will become the one location to gamers to get together share clips, screenshots, start a conversation, and start parties no matter what game you’re playing by using the Xbox app on Windows 10.

While there isn’t a specific release date, Microsoft says that the update will be coming later this summer. The company is now rolling out the preview with a subset of features to select group of Xbox Preview testers who opt-in for the new beta version. However, over time the update will roll out more broadly to other preview users. Finally, the software giant is also merging the Xbox One Preview Program with the Windows Insider Program to streamline updates and feedback. What do you think about the new changes coming to Xbox One? Tell us in the comments below. Source Xbox Wire All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.