The March update for the console brings a number of features, below there is a list of all changes Xbox One owner can enjoy in March. Screenshots: Now users can take screenshots during game play by simply double tapping the Xbox button on the controller and pressing Y to save the screenshot. For those with Kinect, they can simply say “Xbox, take a screenshot”, which will automatically take and save the screenshot. The screenshots can be managed with Upload app and you can share them to your activity feed, attach to a new message, share on Twitter, and upload to OneDrive. Suggested friends: With the March update, you can add more friends to your list with “Suggested friends”, this feature will allow you to find more friends and increase the content on your activity feed. Suggested friends is located in the Friends section. Sharing your real name: The latest update lets you share your real name with all of your friends or everyone in the Xbox Live community. The new sharing option is located under Friends / My profile / Name sharing settings. Party chat: Now you’ll notice to new icons that will let you know what kind of microphone each user is using. The Kinect icon means the mic from Kinect is being used, while the headset icon means that the mic on the headset is being used. Tile Transparency: While transparency has been added in the previous update, Microsoft is now adding a new level of transparency. Check out the new option by going to Settings / My Xbox / Tile Transparency. Voice search privacy: Trying to improve voice search, now there is a new option to share voice search using Bing on Xbox. If you like to contribute, go to Settings / Privacy and online safety / Custom / Share voice search data. Report spam: Now you can report messages as spam. Select the message, press A, select Report, and then choose Spam. Live TV & OneGuide in Australia: Support for OneGuide is now supported in Australia for over the air TV listing. Xbox One Digital TV Tuner in Australia: Xbox One owners in Australia can pre-purchase the Xbox Digital TV Tuner at the Microsoft Store, which will be on sale on March 25, 2015.

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