Let’s dive into what you need to know about the all-in-one entertainment system:

Xbox One Day One edition

  Microsoft is taking pre-orders now and reserving your Xbox One today will get you access to the “Xbox One Day Edition”, which is a special version of the game console that includes a limited edition controller, premium packaging, token code to unlock “Day One” achievement, and decal. The special bundle will only be available while supplies last and in limited quantities. How much it’ll cost? The price is the same as the Xbox One console — $499, €499 (EUR) or £429 (GBP).

What’s coming in Xbox Live

One subscription per console: Microsoft may have retired the Xbox Live Family Pack, but now in Xbox One you only need one Gold membership and any family member can then access to all the benefit of Xbox Live. No more Microsoft Points: Later this year the tech giant will discontinue its Microsoft Points system in favor of local currency (real money). This is great because you’ll now actually know how much are you paying for games, apps, movies, etc. Cloud powered: On Xbox One, every game, music, movies and other content you own will be stored on the Xbox Live. This means that you’ll be able to get access to your content from any Xbox One console. The new console also features background updates, so it is always with the latest software without user interaction. Gamescore: All the hard work you’ve done earning game scores in the Xbox 360 will get transferred to the new console. Reputation: Microsoft will implement a new Xbox Live feature that will reward your good behavior playing online. This is to try to reduce people who cheat or they just login to cause trouble. Social Features: With Xbox One sharing gameplay will become an everyday feature, with Game DVR users will be able to record, edit, and share easily the game they play. Upload Studio is another component to add voice over, slow motion, skins, and many other functionalities. Live streaming: This is awesome, during the E3 briefing the software giant unveiled a new partnership with Twitch, a popular video platform for gamers, which will let you broadcast or watch gameplay in real-time with chat integration and more features. Smart Match: Microsoft will also be introducing Smart Match on Xbox Live to match players dynamically based on how you use the console throughout time and not just for a specific game match. This is to reduce time in the game’s lobby and to find a better suited group of people you can play online. New features: Along with an impressive console, you will also get a new SmartGlass that functions as a second screen experience, which will include features like: Xbox One on and off switch, volume, TV and Blu-ray control, and much more.

Xbox One games 2013 lineup

Although, there is not a specific launch date for Xbox One, here is the list of the games that will be available by holiday 2013.

Halo Xbox One Battlefield 4 Below D4 Crimson Dragon Dead Rising 3 Forza Motorsport 5 Killer Instinct Kinect Sports Rivals LocoCycle Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Minecraft: Xbox One Edition Powerstar Golf Project Spark Quantum Break Ryse: Son of Rome Sunset Overdrive The Witcher 3: Wild hunt Zoo Tycoon

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