The digital TV tuner will connect to European Xbox One easily using a USB port turning the console into a TV set-top box. Once connected users will be able to tune free over-the-air DVB-T, DVB-T2, and DVB-C TV channels available in the area without the need of a cable subscription or proprietary box, or setting messy IR blasting through the Microsoft’s Kinect sensor. Using the new digital TV tuner Xbox One owner in Europe will be able to:

Watch HDTV without cable subscription Watch Live TV and receive game invitations and notifications TV viewing in Snap mode, while playing, Skype, or using other apps Pause live TV TV listing using OneGuide Create favorite channel list in OneGuide Use voice commands to tune channels Full support of Xbox SmartGlass to access OneGuide with the ability to tune channels using your tablet or phone Users will also get notifications of which TV shows are available to watch on demand using the video app

According to Microsoft this was a highly requested feature and now is a reality for European Xbox One owners. However one of the most important feature found in a TV set-top box isn’t included, that is the DVR functionality to record live TV. Perhaps the 500GB storage isn’t enough to keep many shows, but the console already supports external storage, so it’s possible we could be seeing a future update with this functionality. The Xbox One digital TV tuner will be available in Europe in October and it’ll be priced at 29.99 EUR. Also… Please Microsoft bring the digital TV tuner to America too. Source Microsoft All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.